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The Helix lightweight series is now available in various types from very thin to very thick profiles, applicable for different flying styles: fast climbing, cruising, sportive, competition and more options.
In comparison with the standard product, the lightweight has an average weight reduction of 30%. The lightest type H30F –ES double-blade weighs only 550gm.

All lightweight propellers have to compromise stability for less weight. In flight, a standard Helix propeller can take the impact of external force as strong as from a M6 bolt. This impact can leave a mark on the surface, but no severe damage will occur. On a lightweight propeller, same force may cause a bigger damage due to the reduced stability from less massiveness.

Therefore before released the new lightweight, Helix has been working long time on an optimal result of a best possible combination of lightweight and durability. Our lightweight product is ultra-light weight, meanwhile maintaining a satisfactory level of robustness and durability without sacrificing Helix standard on quality and precision. At the same lightweight category, Helix propeller still has the best stability in comparison with other manufacturers.

Weight reduction of some lightweight products in comparison with standard ones:
The new Helix lightweight series has the most optimal composition of characteristics that a pilot looks for: • Lightweight: Generally 30% lighter than the standard ones. • Durability: Reinforced carbon composite, strengthened with an extra thin glass layer processed on the surface to protect the carbon fibers from aging and external impact. • Efficiency: The availability of various profiles provides pilots the option of best possible thrust.

The precisely detailed applied techniques can be seen on each Helix propeller blade. The extra processed smooth surface allows the best aerodynamic performance.

To read more features about the new lightweight product, please download the flyer page 1 and page 2. This lightweight series is available for various engines, in 2-blade and 3-blade configuration as fixed pitch design. To make an order or require more information, please contact at our sales department: info@helix-propeller.de