In-flight-adjustable propellers

To get the best engine performance under varying situations of aircraft altitude, airspeed, phases of flight and engine power, the Helix H60A constant speed propeller is the best option.

In all flight conditions the propeller pitch is automatically adjusted to the designated engine speed, which allows beside the availability of maximum engine power also to achieve continuously smooth cruising flight speed with medium power setting. The combination of best climbing and fast flight setting capability makes it the optimum propeller.

The power range of the ready-to-buy H60A series is up to 135 kW. Special strength is available on request.

Interactive bearing system

Different than the traditional design, we innovated an interactive strong bearing system connecting the blade root and hub.

It consists of a main bearing and a collaborative bearing that constantly give pressurized contact to the blade, guiding the blade without friction and allowing no play. In case of aging on the main bearing, the collective bearing is able to adjust itself through the pre-tensioned elements. Through this self-stabilizing capability of the bearing system, the propeller gains a longest possible lifetime before overhaul.

With maximum surface and extra-long ever in fitting to the hub, the bearing system takes maximum centrifugal and bending force from propeller rotation.

Electronic actuator system

We invented also an electronic controlled actuator system which is easier to operate and maintain at much lower price than other constant speed propellers in market. The adjusting mechanic is deployed in line with the propeller axis with all forces transmitted by rotating instead of sliding elements. Without need of high force concentration, it allows a direct and fast adjusting with wide movements at low forces on propeller blade. 

Thanks to the direct control feature, our constant speed propeller with this application is also particularly ideal to be used on UAV.

Propeller type and feature

We provide propellers for almost all available ultralight engines in the market. For each engine you can find propellers to fulfill different flying features such as fast flight, cruising, maximum climbing, short take-off and low noise.

Model Feature
-TS- Fast flight
-S-, -SI- All-around and cruising
-CS- Low noise
-LS- Short take-off and fast climbing

Dismount and change propeller blades

We designed the propeller in a way that it's convenient for users to change blades by themselves. Download and follow strictly the Initiates file downloadhandbook.