Ground-adjustable Propeller

The blade geometry of ground adjustable propeller is the same as the fixed pitch one, but blade angle of attack is adjustable for different settings on ground. The propeller is attached to a hub, which is available for 2- 3- and 4-blade design with the same radius. The precision of blade root in combination with the aluminum hub surface allows slight angle adjustments within the hub during installation.

The power range of our mainstream ground adjustable propeller H60V series is up to 110kW.  Special requirements can be realized upon request.



Propeller type and feature

We provide propellers for almost all available ultralight engines in the market. For each engine you can find propellers to fulfill different flying features such as fast flight, cruising, maximum climbing, short take-off and low noise.

Model Feature
-TS- Fast flight
-S-, -SI- All-around and cruising
-CS- Low noise
-LS- Short take-off and fast climbing

Mount the propeller

Download the Initiates file downloadhandbook for reference to mount the propeller blades onto engine flange. An adjusting tool will be supplied in dispatch of the ordered propeller, with which precise setting of the blade pitch can be easily done.