Specialities of Helix fixed pitch propeller

The quality mark of Helix is the fixed pitch propeller.

The plug-in system that Helix invented xx years ago made it possible for the multi-blade carbon fiber propeller to be cost effective for the first time. The range of the best-sold Helix propellers extend from 7kw to 147 kW engine power in manifold designs. They are characterized by the following properties:

  • High reliability and precision due to the duplicable production with models.
  • Propeller blades can be installed easily, in a short time and always have the same setting. No hub is needed.
  • Individual blade can be exchanged relatively easily in case of damage.
  • The use of the reinforced carbon fiber grants the blade high strength with very low weight.
  • For extremely hard use (desert, heavy rain etc.), we offer the extremely robust nickel-cobalt leading edge.

The wide range of offers is our strength.

At Helix, the combination of different profiles, diameters and pitches provides an unbeatable range of choices. About 850 different propeller models in diameter range from 1.0 to 2.2 meters are available. From us, you expect to get not only products, but also the most individualized service and absolute flexibility.