Helix Plugin System

In the year 1994, HELIX invented the plug-in-system, that is used in all 2-, 3- and 4-blade fixed-pitch propellers.

Design related, there is an reduction of 50% in transport- and delivery costs because of the plug-in-system. Of course, this also results in savings in storage capacity .

The advantages of the HELIX-System is approved in about 80.000 installations worldwide.

The HELIX Plug-in-system is considered as worldwide quasi-standard for engine/propeller-combinations in ultralight flying environments.

2-piece Toolbox Design

Each part master of Helix propeller blade consists of 2 half pieces- blade section and root section. Every blade section can be combined with various different root sections. The elements of this toolbox allow the efficient construction of many different propeller pitches at relatively low cost. The varied propeller profiles, different diameters and propeller types have been accomplished based on this technology.

In addition to the efficient construction of different pitches at fixed-pitch propellers, the ground-adjustable and in-fight adjustable propellers can also be easily combined into various types from the same blade masters relying on the 2-piece toolbox design. 

Various Profiles

Instead of providing one universal propeller for different engines, Helix designs and makes variant propellers for one engine to cater to different flying features: max climbing, economic flying, cruising, low noise, with engine cooling function and so on. Pilots can choose the most precise one to achieve their flying targets.

Example of some propeller types with different properties:
Low noise: -C-, -CI-, -CS- type
All-around and cruising: -S-, -SI- type
Fast flight: -TS- type
Short take-off and fast climbing: -LS- type 

According to current status, HELIX currently has over 850 different propeller models, which is the Basis for the growing number of customer requirements.

Whether low-noise flying, high-speed flight, fast climb, economical flying or ultra-fast, HELIX propeller has the right propeller.

Propeller code specification


H30F 1,25m L-Z-07-3

H30F = Helix strength classification 30 Fixed angle

1,25m = Diameter 1,25m

L = Rotation Left

Z = Propeller profile Z

3 = Number of blades 3



Matrix Toolbox

The available propeller types created from various combinations of these elements can be found in our Propeller Matrix. They can be supplied as 2-blade, 3-blade and 4-blade and are all available in both rotational directions: clock wise (right turning) and counter-clock wise (left turning).

For aerodynamic reasons, some blade types are only used as in-flight adjustable propellers. Other blade types (for instance the -TS- type) are designed as a fixed-pitch solution for a large spread between low and fast airspeed during take-off run and cruising flight.