Fixed Pitch Propellers

The special strength of Helix is fixed-pitch propeller.

Besides the widest range of propeller types for different aircrafts and flight demands in the market, Helix is additionally standing out from other manufacturers by relying on our capacity to customize fixed-pitch style propeller from the best working adjustable propeller. 

To concentrate on a certain targeted flying purpose, the advantages of using a fixed-pitch propeller instead of adjustable one is clear:

  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Low cost
  • Less weight
  • Preciser concentration on efficiency improvement of the desired flying style

Engine range

The current series aircraft propellers are applicable for engines within power range 30kW to 147kW, such as Rotax912is / 912UL (S), Jabiru 2200/3300, ULPower260i or Lycoming 0-360. Propeller with performance >147kW can be customized up on request. 

How to choose a fixed-pitch propeller?

A fixed-pitch propeller basically has only an optimal operating range which is associated with engine speed and propulsive speed. Before looking for a propeller, it is necessary to consider, which characteristic you want for your aircraft: a climbing configuration or rather cruising? 


The strength level of a propeller is decided by engine power. Engine power range and the corresponding Helix propeller strength is as below:

  • H45F: 10-55kW
  • H50F: 20-85kW
  • H60F: 40-133kW


Until January 2017, we have over 850 different propellers in operation. Instead of providing one universal propeller for different engines, Helix designs and makes variant propellers for one engine to cater to different flying features: max climbing, economic flying, cruising, low noise, with engine cooling function and so on.Example of some ultralight aircraft propeller profiles with different properties:

  • Quiet: -C-, -CI-, -CS- type
  • All-around, Cruising: -S-, -SI- type
  • Fast flight: -TS- type
  • Short Take-off and fast climbing: -LS- type




Change in diameter has a considerable influence on almost all properties of a propeller. The performance of smaller propellers will be clearly improved by increasing diamter. Ultralight aircraft, due to the highly induced resistance, has a low impact on performance change. To optimize the performance, the biggest possible diameter has to be strived for.

HELIX has standard sizes from 1.65m to 2.20m. The blades can also be shortened to specific requirements and thus realize intermediate sizes.

To get specific advice for the most suitable propeller for your flight, contact our sales team:

Helix plug-in system

Helix invented in 2002 the plug-in system, which is now applied to all our 2-, 3- and 4-blade fixed-pitch propellers.

Due to the convenient features of this installation system, half shipping cost could be saved in transportation and plenty space can be saved in storage. The advantage of this system has been proved by more than 70,000 propellers around the world.

Later on, this plug-in system became the worldwide standard for propellers which are designed for low engine power. 


3-dimension design on blade root

Thanks to the 3-dimension design of blade root section, two propeller blades are overlapping each other on every bolt position. The load concentration at every bolt is therefore reduced, being distributed to two blades instead of one.

Additionally due to the 3-dimension insertion design, each two blades are fixed with double more bolts with a relatively longer lever in between. This helps to dispose a relatively lower stress load on each bolt position in comparison to the traditional technology.

These factors enable maximum stress bearing capacity to the whole system.

The geometrical precision of blade position is perfectly realized by means of the long lever between opposite bolts.

To fit the propeller on appropriate engine flange, the drilling pattern can be custom-milled on CNC machine with high precision. 




Advantages of using our fixed-pitch propeller

The determined pitch is given precisely with no need of extra adjustment.  
With only few elements to take care, the mounting of propeller blades can be done easily and fast. Once installed, the same setting will be automatically applied to all blades and always maintain unchanged.   
No special knowledge or skill is required from users in the whole mounting process.  
The ready-to-fly configuration guarantees, what manufacturer offers is exactly what customer flies with.  
Benefiting from the plug-in system, plenty of space can be saved in propeller storage and transportation even in configuration of 3-blade.  
With a fixed-pitch propeller, engine condition can be better surveilled over its lifetime by observing the consistency of the achieved RPM at specified power setting.  
Fixed-pitch propeller has less weight than ground- adjustable propeller.  
Fixed-pitch propeller has better price due to no need of propeller hub.