About us

Founded in 1990, Helix-Carbon is specialized in designing and manufacturing carbon composite propellers for a wide range of applications.

In area of aviation, we develop comprehensive propellers for aircrafts with engine power up to 200 kw. Our propellers are innovatively designed based on our 27 years experience and extensive flight tests, and are made with strengthened carbon composite materials which offer ideal properties for propeller construction. Special features of Helix propeller are: high strength, low weight, extremely robust with excellent efficiency in a wide speed range combined with low noise. Helix is recognized as an indisputable worldwide market leader in this industry.

To keep HELIX ahead in the market, HELIX has constant cooperation in development and research projects with industrial and academic sector, for instance RWTH University.

Every year, more than 7,000 Helix propellers are sold worldwide. With 27 years  experience we understand the individualised requirements from our customers and are capable to design and provide a wide range of propeller types for various flying conditions. European manufacturers of light aircraft increasingly rely on our innovative propellers, which are mostly exclusively developed up on their requests of particular technical specifications.

The quality of our products increases with the complexity of the applications. The production line for unmanned aircraft, mostly military UAV, is growing fast. Since year xxxx, the German military KZO-drones have been equipped with Helix propellers. For industrial customers in machine production and plant construction, HELIX also has continuous projects to manufacture large fans and cooling propellers as well as highly load-bearing carbon components.

A quick look at some projects

Serial production lines for microlight aircraft such as Gyrocopter, Comco C42 and Skyranger are in daily operation. Since 2005, all KZO drones in German military are equipped with the most efficient Helix propellers. Elbeit (Silver Arrow), the world top 5 reconnaissance UAV manufacturer, is also relying on Helix propeller for their 24 hours endurance UAV Hermes.

HELIX has been also striven to develop new products for special applications: customized propeller for volocopter E-Volo, retractable propeller for Pal-V, heatable Zeppelin propeller for CargLifter, electric propeller for microlight homologated sail plane Silent from Air Energy and electric airplane for Yuneec, vertical skydiving propeller for BodyFly System Schaefer and Cameroon Ballon inflating fan propeller.



  • EASA Part21, subpart J, G
  • ASTM F2506
  • FAR Part21

The HELIX Story - A chronological journey in the past

1990    Founding of HELIX Carbon GmbH - Production of the first microlight propellers from carbon-kevlar blades

1992    First Paramotor Propeller H30V

    1994    Invention of HELIX Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterdetachable fixed pitch propeller system for H30F

1995    Vertical Skydiving Propeller H100V for BodyFly System Schäfer

    1995    Start of Pagojet Propeller Production

1997    Developing project of CargoLifter Zeppelin Propeller

1998    First Electro-special propeller for microlight glider SILENT from german manufacturer air energy

1999    Cooperation with Stuttgart's university institute IAG, noise-reduced wind turbine

    1999    BASF Kühlturm-Propeller 3,5m Durchmesser

1999    H50V Carbon Propeller mit Aluminium Nabe

1999    Erster internationaler Lieferpartnervertrag mit Adventure, einem der größten Anbieter für Paramotor Propeller

1999    Erster Cameroon Balloon Aufblas-Windpropeller

2000   Produktion des ersten HELIX In-Flight Verstell-Propellers Rospeller

    2001    Weltweit erster Flug mit einem HELIX Electric Paramotor

2001    Einsatz des HELIX Propeller-Steckystems auf den H50F Festwinkelpropeller

2001    Erster Falt-Propeller für Mosquito

2002    Erster in Serie produzierter H50F Propeller, zertifiziert für Jabiru, montiert auf einem Aircraft Wild Thing

    2003    Produktion einer inneren Carbon Röhre für die CMS Tracker Einheit des CERN

  • 2003 First carbon visible designed propeller
  • 2005 UAV propeller development with Rheinmetall for german Federal Defence project KZO
  • 2006 Exclusive supplying contract for Paramotor propeller with largest Manufacturer Fresh Breeze Paramotor
  • 2007 Setup the new production line in Thailand
  • 2007 New production plant at Airfield Aachen-Merzbrueck
  • 2007 Scimitar propeller development bending against turning direction for Fresh Breeze
  • 2007 First propeller for Elbit UAV Hermes for 24 hours endurance aircraft
  • 2008 Aixtron industrial roboter arm
  • 2009 Retractable Propeller for Pal-V
  • 2009 Cooperation with Yuneec for electric airplane E-Spyder and EA430
  • 2010 Metal leading edge from nickel cobalt on all propellers available
  • 2010 Certifying the Helix propeller manufacturing process by DIN EN 9100
  • 2010 First EASA Type Certificate for H50F Propeller
  • 2012 Multicopter cooperation project with E-Volo Volocopter
  • 2014 First propeller for serial use on Gyrocopter at ELA
  • 2014 Upgrade of the new ground adjustable H60V Propeller to 180 hp
  • 2014 Upgrade the new in flight adjustable H60A Propeller to 180 hp
  • 2015 Serial production of propeller for microlight Comco C42
  • 2016 Cooperation with Siemens: electric driven aircraft , Magnus
  • 2016 First propeller for serial use on microlight Skyranger
  • 2016 Start EASA certifying process for whole design center and production center