Characteristical properties of HELIX propeller

The blade surface is protected by a special epoxy resin coating. Conditioned to this aerodynamical smooth surface texture, the quietness of the propeller could be obviously increased.

In combination to the appropriate pitch this leads to an extra quiet overall setting of HELIX propellers.

HELIX Propellers do have a high temper to take account to the demands on safety and durability.

The tough, solid HELIX propellers defy even the most adverse conditions and guarantee a safe flighing experience.

Because of using special carbon materials HELIX achieves a noticeable weight reduction.

HELIX UltraFast propellers series are amongst the lightest propellers for ultralight aircrafts and paramotor vehicles worldwide.

Fast, faster, HELIX - The HELIX- Propellers are setting standards when it comes to their ability to convert rotation speed in driving speed.
The special series UltraFast gains up to 20% more speed.

The special properties of HELIX Propellers enable the use even in modern MultiCopter systems.

The HELIX MultiCopter Propellers fulfill perfectly the special requirements on feed in combination with boost.

HELIX Propellers achieve an economically excellent result through their properties.
The fuel consumption of the engines equipped with HELIX propellers is below that of other manufacturers in all applications and so they also make an important contribution to environmental pollution.