Why Carbon Propellers?

  • Propellers made of carbon (carbon fiber reinforced plastic - CFRP) have a long service life. If minor damage occurs, they can be repaired very well.
  • By using the same shape, the leaves are reproduced identically and thus offer a high level of form accuracy.

  • Carbon propellers do not react to moisture. So they do not forgive themselves and keep here their high form loyalty.
  • Depending on the design and due to better strength properties, the carbon propeller is lighter.
  • The propeller has a high vibration compensation. The excitation vibration of the engine can be much better absorbed and delivers a quiet, smooth running.
  • By appropriate design, bending and torsion properties can be very well influenced.


Helix propellers are made out of reinforced glass and carbon fiber which is processed in form of textile.The textiles will be cutted and embedded with epoxy in thin layers in the mold. The particular way to combine the materials is calculated on aerodynamic engineering basis and grants the blade strong and flexible properties.


Every propeller blade from Helix is handmade. High-quality composite material and epoxy resin is in the production. The production is handled by experienced colleauges. In Helix 40 blades are produced every day on average, which is constantly increasing.


Burrs will be removed and the surface will be polished. The finished blades will be balanced within a given tolerance, be matched and assembled into a complete propeller.