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Fixed Pitch

Our revolutionary plug-in style, fixed-pitch propellers put the focus back on the thrill of the flight and are perfect for lightweight, performance-based aircraft where simplicity is key.


For the pilot who enjoys the best of both worlds, our ground adjustable propellers can go from a relaxed cruising experience to seat of your pants acceleration with the turn of a wrench.

In-Flight Adjustable

We are excited to offer both hydraulic and electric, manual and automatic in-flight adjustable propellers for maximum performance and fuel efficiency.

At Helix, we believe...

… in propelling innovation to new heights, and our philosophy is woven into every fiber of our cutting-edge ultralight propellers.

We fuse advanced materials, precision engineering, and a passion for flight to craft propellers that redefine aviation standards.

Our philosophy revolves around pushing boundaries, embracing technology, and propelling the aviation industry into the future.

We Propel the Future

Elevate your flight experience with precision engineering, unmatched durability, and a commitment to Excellence.

A Revolution in Flight

Revolutionize your flying experience with our self-adjusting propellers.

Ready to get Airborn?

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Ultralight, Gyro, Paramotor- from complete propeller sets to individual nuts and bolts- it’s all here!

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Fast. Easy. Powerful. Safe.

Helix does it better.

The best way to identify a counterfeit is to study the genuine article. Helix developed the Plug-In style of fixed-pitch propellers back in 1994, and to this very day, we still do it best. 

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