Helix Carbon Fiber Propellers


Research & Development

We Do Bleeding Edge

From military and civilian VTOL applications to the drones and multicopters of tomorrow, our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that redefine the possibilities of flight.

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Working Together

We at Helix are proud to be working in cooperation with the internationally recognized universities, FH Aachen and RWTH, as well as various industry leaders to further the development of propeller & rotor technology

Under One Roof

From conception to prototyping to finished products, all of our custom props & rotors are developed from beginning to end at our facilities in NRW, Germany.

Destructive Testing

Our state-of-the-art testing facilities are designed to push propellers far beyond their limits- even to the point of total destruction- in order to accurately assess and record performance and safety tolerances.

Our test bench is capable of running 24/7 for extreme endurance and longetivity testing.

Well Oiled Machine

Thanks to our years of experience designing and producing propellers, our development cycle from conception to finished product is a lightning-fast 14 days.

Make it happen.

Bring your vision to life with custom propellers from Helix

Crafted for precision and performance, our custom propellers are engineered to meet your exact specifications. Contact us to engineer your airborne success.