Helix Carbon Fiber Propellers

Helix Team Pilot:

Horacio Llorens Fernandez

Horacio Llorens Fernandez, an esteemed figure in the world of paragliding and paramotoring hailing from Spain, brings with him a remarkable list of accomplishments that truly define his aerial prowess. Boasting the title of 10 times Acro World Tour Champion, Horacio has consistently demonstrated his mastery of acrobatic flying on the global stage.

As a competition pilot and cross-country enthusiast, Horacio has not only excelled in traditional competitions but has also ventured into the realm of record-chasing, notably achieving the Guinness World Record for Infinity Tumbling with an impressive 568 revolutions. His daring exploits extend into the paramotor community, where he operates professionally. From his first paramotor flight at the Victoria Falls, the second-largest falls in the world, to the Northern Lights project in Polynesia and landing in the iconic Cibeles Square at the center of Madrid, Horacio continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible with a paramotor.

Horacio’s journey into paramotoring was catalyzed during his epic 2012 expedition, crossing Africa from north to south with Tom de Dorlodot. The need for a versatile means of flight everywhere led them to the solution of paramotoring, a decision that would shape Horacio’s aerial adventures.

For many years, Horacio has been flying with Helix Propellers, entrusting them with the power of PAP Tinox and MosterDUAL 185 MY22 engines. The qualities that draw him to Helix propellers include their lightweight design, efficiency, reliability, and a touch of visual appeal with their shiny finish. Horacio’s fondness for Helix propellers is grounded in the perfect synergy of performance and aesthetics, making them the ideal choice for his daring and dynamic flights.