Helix Carbon Fiber Propellers

Helix Team Pilot:

Lars Mielke

On the podium at the 2024 German National Paramotor Championships!

Congratulations, Lars,  on taking bronze at the German National Championships!

Lars had this to say about the event:

“This year, like last year, I designed my equipment for maximum speed in order to fly as many kilometers of task area as possible in the shortest possible time. Thanks to my large 150cm three-blade [Helix] propeller, I was able to significantly minimize the speed in the zero-slide range, which saved me a lot of fuel. This allowed me to extend my high-speed flights even further.

We received a very warm welcome from the English and were able to fly the championship in a beautiful landscape.

Thanks to my performances in 2023 and 2024, I was able to qualify for the World Championships from August 3-10 in England.

Of course I won’t miss out on this opportunity.”

Looking forward to watching you soar at the World Championships! 

Photos courtesy of Tracy Anderson

Lars Mielke, a passionate paramotor pilot from Germany, has carved his name in the skies with a series of notable achievements and a deep commitment to the sport. His journey in paramotoring is marked by impressive accolades, including a 5th place finish and the title of Best Newcomer at the 2019 British Paramotor Championship, followed by a remarkable 2nd place at the 2023 German Paramotor Championship.

Since 2019, Lars has proudly represented his country as a member of the German national team, showcasing his competitive spirit and dedication to excellence. While he thrives in the realm of competition, Lars’s flying preferences extend beyond mere contests. He revels in the exhilarating experience of cross-country flights, with a penchant for short and dynamic maneuvers, particularly in acrobatics.

Though flying remains his cherished hobby, Lars also manages a small paramotor store, further immersing himself in the vibrant paramotor community. His passion for flight ignited at the tender age of nine during a tandem flight in Austria, and with perseverance and self-teaching, Lars honed his skills to become a proficient pilot. In 2014, he attained all licenses and tandem authorizations, marking a significant milestone in his flying journey.

Lars’s trust in Helix Propellers dates back to the beginning of his paramotoring career in 2014, starting with a TOP80 equipped with a 125cm Helix propeller. Today, he flies various systems, with his favorite setup featuring the FlyProducts Rider Sprint SkyEngines Ares 260 paired with a 150cm Helix propeller. From FlyProducts Rider Sprint to FlyProducts Eclips and even as a tandem trike with the FlyProducts Luna Tandemtrik, Lars relies on Helix propellers for their exceptional quality and performance.

What sets Helix apart for Lars is not just the superior craftsmanship of their products but also the unparalleled support and collaboration from the Helix team. Through close collaboration and extensive testing, Lars and the Helix team continuously optimize his engine performance. Lars’s admiration for the Helix team’s expertise and dedication is evident, highlighting their invaluable contributions to his flying endeavors. With Helix by his side, Lars Mielke continues to push the boundaries of paramotoring, fueled by his passion for flight and the unwavering support of the Helix team.

“I always like the very high quality. Working closely with the Helix team, I have always been able to get the best out of my engines. We test a lot of things together.

I’m sure Björn’s ear has fallen off the phone a few times from listening to me talk 😉

The Helix team is awesome, their knowledge is incredible.”