Helix Carbon Fiber Propellers

Helix Team Pilot:


Victor Rodriguez Santamarta, affectionately known as Moncho, is a distinguished paramotor pilot hailing from Spain, celebrated for his achievements and passion for adventure in the skies. As the Spanish Slalom Champion in both 2021 and 2022, Moncho has showcased his prowess in precision flying. Since 2014, he has been a vital member of the Spanish national team, contributing to the country’s success on the international stag

Moncho’s flying identity extends beyond competition; he describes himself as a professional slalom pilot with a penchant for embarking on significant adventures worldwide. From soaring over pyramids to crossing the deserts of Oman, Moncho has left his mark in the skies. His paramotoring adventures include crossing Spain in three days for a charitable cause benefiting the Sahara people, flying from Menorca to Mallorca, and exploring sacred places in Thailand. As a firefighter since 2008, Moncho’s commitment to both his profession and his passion for paramotoring reflects his diverse and dynamic personality.

Having started his paramotoring journey in 2004, Moncho has been flying with Helix Propellers for a significant portion of his impressive 18-year experience. After initially being a Helix pilot in top competitions, he briefly explored other options before returning to Helix with renewed enthusiasm and a stronger connection. Moncho currently flies Helix propellers on Sky Engines 150, Boxer, and soon the new Ares 260, as well as on his trike equipped with a Rotax 582 engine.

Moncho’s loyalty to Helix is rooted in the perfect quality of materials and the great feelings associated with the brand. The warm welcome back and positive vibes from Helix made the reunion even more meaningful for Moncho, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to quality and camaraderie. His journey as a paramotor pilot, adventurer, and firefighter exemplifies the spirit and versatility that define the paramotor community, with Helix Propellers playing a crucial role in his continued success and enjoyment of the sport.