Helix Carbon Fiber Propellers

Helix Team Pilot:

Ramón Morillas

Ramón Morillas Salmeron, a distinguished figure in the paramotoring realm hailing from Spain, boasts an impressive array of achievements that define his illustrious career. As the holder of the World Altitude Record in single-seat paramotor, reaching an astounding 7027 meters in 2021, and again in 2023 with an altitude of over 7200 meters, Ramón has left an indelible mark on the sport. He has also surpassed the world speed record in altitude gain at 6000 meters in 52 minutes and set the speed record at 3000 meters in 25 minutes in Cenes de la Vega – Granada.

Beyond altitude feats, Ramón is a four-time World Champion in paramotor and holds several world records in both altitude and distance categories. A member of the national team, his diverse sporting background encompasses competition piloting, cross-country flying, and a relentless pursuit of records.

In addition to his achievements in the air, Ramón is deeply involved in the paramotoring community as the owner of Draco, a paragliding and paramotoring school. His journey into paramotoring began in 1993 when, after starting paragliding in 1989, he took his first paramotor flight for photography and video. Captivated by the activity, he gradually transitioned into competition flying.

Ramón has been flying with Helix Propellers since approximately 2003, entrusting his flights to the Moster Plus, Cosmos, and Efix engines. His loyalty to Helix stems from their pioneering role in carbon propellers for paramotoring. Impressed by the thrust, finish, and durability of Helix propellers, Ramón appreciates their well-designed products across the various paramotor models he flies. As a Helix pilot since the early days of carbon propellers in paramotoring, Ramón has not flown with any other brand, solidifying his trust in Helix for the entirety of his remarkable flying career.